4 Healthy Tips to reduce the Risks of Heart Disorders


Heart problem is one of the common disorders people usually suffer from after 40s. Medical science has brought in many treatments that can fight heart disorders. But when it comes to the matter of heart, the case becomes very critical as it is one of the most crucial organs in the human body. So, it is better to understand that prevention is better than cure when it is the question of this vital organ. Here are 4 health tips to reduce the risks of heart disease.

Quit Smoking

It’s very apparent and clear to everyone that smoking kills. Though we have reading it from our school days, no one seems to care. The society is now cursed with such kind of bad habits, which not only ruins your own health but also deteriorates the fortune of your family. Non-smokers are very less prone to heart disease, but smokers have double the chances to suffer from a heart disorder. So, if you want to live and enjoy the gifted life, simply quit smoking.

Control Cholesterol Level

If have exceeded levels of cholesterol, then there are high chances that you will have cardiac arrest. These are the limits for cholesterol level that you need to know: Total Cholesterol level – 200, HDL cholesterol (good) level under 40, LDL(bad) cholesterol level over 160, triglycerides over 150.The matter of fact is that cholesterol is not only the game changer. Most of the doctors consider the risk by analysing the overall picture. Try to maintain a diet that contains refined sugars, saturated fat, and diet lower in cholesterol.


Control High BP

More than 50 percent of people on a global level suffer from high blood pressure, which eventually leads to hyper tension. This is the major reason for heart disorder. The worst thing is that all the effects and causes are interrelated. High cholesterol also leads to high blood pressure in many cases. So, keep your BP in control and undergo regular check-up as well.

Remain Physically Active

People who do not do physical exercises are more prone to heart diseases, so it’s strongly recommended to stay active and practice regular exercise. At least, a quick jogging in the morning and evening will keep you aloof from fatal heart disorders.

The matter is that life and death is not in our hands, but the pointers stated above are definitely in our hands. If we inculcate them in our lives, then definitely we would be able to live a healthy life.



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