5 Low Budget Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


People, who have less money for investing in a business, will normally have worries, but the fact is one need not be so concerned as there are many marketing tips that can be used for a small business and it will definitely not blow your marketing budget. In this article, let us learn few marketing tips that are ideal for small businesses with a small budget.

Here are five low cost marketing tips that can help small businesses improve sales and generate referrals.

Publish Great Content

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If you can write content yourself, it would be better, but if writing’s not your cup of tea, you can make a good writer from your team to write few articles for your blog. Attempt writing about tips, top ten lists, best follows for your industry, and other such interesting articles. Share such creative content marketing posts.

Create Instructional Videos


Video content can work wonders. It might be expensive to attain professional YouTube videos made, but there’s no harm in giving a try yourself or you can even hire a film learner off Craigslist and get the work done. If video seems to be more challenging, attempt doing slide decks and share them on SlideShare.

Be a Savvy Social Networker


Business accounts can be created and you can participate in huge social media sites like Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. If your business is picture-oriented, include Instagram in the sites.



Infographics are great marketing tools. They are a great treat for eyes. They are simple to digest and people just love to share them. Thus, it is an amazing way to drive up links and referral traffic. It may be expensive for you to hire a designer, who can create you an excellent infographic, but instead if you have Adobe Illustrator, you can try from your end to save the cost.

Avail Ad Promo Credits

Large ad campaigns may not be in your budget. Hence, the coupons and discounts for paid Google ads or Facebook ads can be utilised. Also as a part of membership offerings, few web hosting services provide promotional discount codes. You can have it checked to avail the benefit.

By following the above mentioned tips, you can start a small business for a low budget.


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