5 Tips on Saving Big When Building a House


Building a home is not an easy task.It requires a lot of money and everyone is conscious about their hard-earned money. Therefore,while building a home, if you want to be conservative and economical, you need a building professional, who can help you to save money in construction. But it’s not really necessary. If you follow some tips, you can work on your home by your own within your budget.

Here are five tips for saving money while building a house.

Buy a Large Plot with Your Kin

Plan to purchase a large plot with your family member or a friend as that can be divided into smaller plots. Some properties might be highly appealing,but may be expensive and much larger than your requirement;moreover,the seller might not agree to break up a large plot. So,if the cost can be shared with your kin, then you can get the site for a reasonable price fitting in your budget.

Purchase a Non-Marketable Plot

Consider purchasing a non-marketable plot such a hillside, narrow or in-fill property. Generally, these types of plots do not move fast in the real estate market and are not desired by people, so they happen to be available at a much lower price.If the right plan is executed with a capable contractor, then a potentially difficult plot also can turn out to be the perfect new home.


Save Money on Used Materials

You can save money by accumulating saved materials from demolished sites. Used bricks, old barn wood and typical wood doors will work out cheaper without exorbitant cost and will also give a unique look to your home. Sometimes, you get materials at no cost; you need to check with the owner of the building that is being demolished.

Monitor Construction Expenses

Have a tab on construction allowances as the home is being built to ensure your interest, which includes structural elements as well as decorative details. If there is an agreement between you and the builder regarding a brand of insulation to be installed, do not accept a substandard brand. Instead go for a branded one.

Evade Changing Orders.

In the midst of the building process, the changes in the materials or blueprints will occur invariably. The change in orders will not only cost more money, but also one will end up with frustration and waste of time. Therefore, one has to decide properly what he wants before the ground is broken and has to stand by his decision.

Saving money on building a home is a crucial responsibility and one who delivers that art will be successful in the construction venture.


  1. There are various things that I would suggest that one should keep on mind while constructing a house.
    1. The land which you have to decide on; Check if al the documentation is right and if you are allowed to construct there (You might not get permission to construct a commercial building in agricultural land ).These are basics that everyone is aware of.
    2. The second would be the architect or the builder you have decided on. Are they reliable? Make sure to do a thorough research on them!
    3. If you are constructing it yourself, you must keep in mind the raw material you buy. Constructing is not a simple task and you need to shell out big time. So rely on firms that offer your high-quality raw material at reasonable price. Do your necessary research. (The other day I came across a company called Mawady , the seemed pretty good. But don’t go by my word do the research you need to do!)
    4. The interior: Give enough attention to it. The minute details are what that matters.


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