5 Types of Admin Job Positions You Can Apply For   


Types of Jobs You Can Choose in Administration field

If you are planning to start your career as admin, you can find different types of support positions in this field. While people work in same field, at times different job titles mean different duties, and salaries vary greatly. You need to be aware of the company that you’re attending the interview for and the type of job role. Read the job role properly and make sure that the position suits you perfectly.

Job Description – Administrative Assistant

Office Assistant

It is an entry-level administrative position. For this, you need to be aware of basic software applications and should be good at typing. At times, as per the requirement, office assistants should be able to act as receptionist. Data entry, organizing, filing, and general office duties are the types of tasks that you can expect from an office assistant.


 Receptionist is the person who takes phone calls and greets people once they enter into the office. They need to be good at data entry and reporting tasks apart from keeping track of visitors and answering phone calls. They need to have extra-ordinary customer service skills to manage someone new to the company.

Office Manager

 Roles and responsibilities of an office manager are quite different from administrative assistant. As the title suggests, the office manager manages the whole office. Office managers also act as accountants, maintain logistic files, join vendors, and ensure that everything runs smoothly. Usually, office managers do work for small companies and they need to supervise the employees and train them if required.


Administrative Secretary/ Assistant

This particular position requires some experience. Few administrative assistants should have three to five years of experience, while others require 10 years of experience with top skills. These admin secretaries should report to manager of that group.

Job roles include reporting, meeting setup and coordination, correspondence, presentations, and booking travel. Based on the requirements and company nature, the job role differs. Other duties here include customer service, sales support, accounting duties, and other complex filing and organizing systems.

Executive Assistant

 This particular title depends on the company type and the work. For larger organizations, these executive assistants support other top executives. For smaller ones, they may be the owner of the company. Executive assistants support one or multiple people and are responsible to handle all confidential and sensitive information. They also handle all personal tasks for their higher officials.

 In past, usually administrative support didn’t require any kind of degree or education. High school diploma and years of experience are more than enough to get hired. Now, it has become mandatory to have a Bachelor Degree to get a job. This is just because of the job’s complex nature.

Working as executive assistant can be a challenging and rewarding job for you. The job requirements and technology will keep changing every now and then. It’s not a boring job and no two days are same every time. In order to find reliable admin jobs in Birmingham, you can choose Randstad consultancy for quick results.

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