6 Health Tips for Men over 40


We abuse our bodies all through our youth and when we reach the milestone of 40 it is time to take stock of the situation. At 40, men normally have demanding jobs, monetary needs of growing children and ageing parents to look after, but still they should pause and do a little introspection. This will help them in taking steps that are essential to keep them healthy in the long run.


Here are some health tips for those who have crossed 40.

  1. Exercise is a must at any age, but once you cross 40 it should be an inevitable part of your daily routine. It is known to boost metabolism and reduce the chances of getting lifestyle-related diseases as it reduces stress.
  2. The prostate problem normally strikes a person in the age of 40-50. So, ensure to have high zinc diet to have good prostate health. You can use supplements or include food items rich in zinc in your diet.
  3. Make changes to your diet by including more of vegetables, fruits and omega-3 fatty acids and reducing the intake of sugar, trans-fats, oils etc. This will ensure that your heart remains healthy.
  4. As you age, your normal metabolic rate tends to slow down and thus few calories would suffice your day to day needs. As you are having less food now, make sure that it has enough fibre in it for proper digestion.
  5. Men tend to lose 1percent of their muscle mass with each passing year after 40. To slow down this loss, you need to start with some weight bearing exercises in addition to cardiovascular exercises. You need to have some resistance training at least twice a week to maintain the core strength, muscle mass, and also balance.
  6. Get health check-up done annually. This will help you to figure out if any problem is cropping in and help you take remedy actions in time.

In the words of Dr Sandra Fryhofer, Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, “”Forty is a good time to take a deep breath, and, although you have a lot of other things out there, do a little introspection and say, ‘OK, there’s some things I need to do to make sure I stay healthy.


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