7 Most Funky and Coolest Tattoo Design Concepts

tattoo design concepts

Getting a tattoo done on your skin is one of the coolest things around. That said, it can totally backfire and leave an eyesore on your body forever if you don’t go for a nice tattoo design that speaks about your personality and is eye catching.

This is why, it is always recommended for the beginners to go for something that has been tried and tested and not try to be very creative with their first tattoo, otherwise the results could be quite frustrating at times. Here are some more leg tattoo ideas that are really cool and safe to go with. Of course you can come up with your own tattoo designs and try to look unique and special but often people go overboard with their attempt to look different and appealing. Mentioned below is a list of top 7 coolest tattoo design ideas that are safe and very funky to begin with.

  1. Butterfly: These are something often picked by young girls, teenagers and women. The best part about these tattoos is that they mean different things for different people and there are lots of designs available for butterfly tattoos.
  2. Crown: You think you are a leader or a personality that is authoritative? Then a crown tattoo is a typical answer for you. Many people adorn this tattoo to show command and power.
  3. Angel: If you are a believer go for a beautiful angel tattoo. You can have an angel tattoo that millions of others have and still look different. It shows protection and faith you have in your God. Few people also have these tattoos in memory of someone they lost.
  4. Star: Hope, truth and purity are defined by star tattoos. These tattoos are often chosen by those who have seen dark times in their past and are still fighting against the darkness in the hope of something better. Hexagram and pentagram stars are some of the most popular designs.
  5. Wing: It represents spiritual and inspirational side of you. It shows you want to fly and achieve bigger and better things in life. If you like speed, freedom and elevation a wing tattoo would be the apt one for you. These tattoos are also at times associated with those angel tattoos we mentioned earlier.
  6. Cross: It is a no brainer that these are some of the most common tattoos you can see today. They symbolize faith, sacrifice, belief and hope. At times people use this tattoo to represent someone in family who has gone to another world.
  7. Dragon: These tattoos have also been in vogue and are loved by both men and women alike. They have originated from the lands of Japan and China as they have the popular dragon culture. They typically resemble 4 basic elements wind, fire, earth and water.

These are our 7 most popular design tattoos and almost all of them will always remain popular as they resemble things people commonly associate with. All of them have different variations, which makes it easy for people to choose something different for their skin.


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