BMW 1-Series Could Make Up an Excellent Buy


The larger 2nd gen 1-series from BMW could get you sizing up a deal if you wish to buy a good quality used family hatchback.

If you even have a vague familiarity about the 1st gen 1-series hatch, it’s probably time that you take a second look at what the recent versions offer.

At the outset, the 2nd gen 1-series model is a little larger when compared to its precursor, though the usage of lightweight materials makes it weigh less.

Presently, the 1-series models offer decent space in the rear. The other great aspect is that the cargo is roomier and more practical than before.  Stepping in, it borrows its design cues from its bigger siblings. Thus, the display units, dials and on-board controls will be quite familiar to a majority of the BMW enthusiasts.

As in the case of the remaining ever-extending range of BMW models, this 1-series comes with a decent range of standard safety aspects.

Just look around and you are sure to discover a model integrated with run-flat tyres that offer enhanced safety, while also being very quiet on the hoof.


On the streets, the 1-series models perform distinctively and are exactly what one would expect from an esteemed brand like this. With five variants available, you are sure to find one that suits you the best.

The prices of used cars hold up very well depending on the mileage and condition of the car.

Source: Daily Record


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