BMW 3-Series: The Ultimate Driving Machine


Being a BMW model isn’t easy. The 3-series, which is the heart and soul of the body, is still the target of all other carmaker’s aspiring sport sedans. However, BMW is shifting over its focus to Efficient Dynamics from the previous Ultimate Driving Machine.

The new 3-series, the brand’s entry level luxury sedan, is one of the most highly performing, economical and practical saloon in the market. The current sixth generation model is sportier in terms of appearance and offers a more refined driving experience.

Talking about its rivals, Cadillac ATS defeated the 3-Series as the standard for handling and steering, whereas Mercedes is also giving it a tough competition with its new 2016 C450 AMG-4MATIC delivering 62hp greater than its competing 300hp 335i xDrive. However, if precise driving and sporty appeal is one’s priority, there’s no looking beyond the 3-series.

Available with two diesel (3.0L 245bhp and 2.0L 184bhp) and one petrol (2.0L 245bhp) engine choices, this BMW model is offered in total six variants. Paired to an 8-speed auto transmission, it performs great in all kinds of conditions.

What reviewers like the most about this ultimate driving machine are its smooth power delivery, strong handling and brakes, best driving position, and the spacious cargo room offered by the sedan! When compared to its peers However, it does lag behind in a few aspects like its expensive luxury features that cost extra apart from the high BMW car prices in India, spring-back transmission lever and turn signals and the optional power and leather seats.  Though it looks a little drab inside, the quality of materials used and fit is excellent.


The new BMW 3-Series endures or rather enhances its commitment to efficient dynamics, while at the same time restores a part of the ultimate driving-machine attitude. The superb handling, great steering and extra precision are certainly the features that make it a great out-and-outchoice for the driver’s car. If you add the brand’s M Performance Package along with the sport seats, it would be something that’s really customized and made just for you.

With all that it has to offer in terms of overall proposition and driving dynamics, BMW’s new 3-Series leads the segment beating its rivals. You’ll definitely like this car for its handling, performance, comfort and refinement if you are ready to pay a premium price for it.


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