BMW Cars in India


India is the fastest growing economy in the world,which makes luxury car manufacturers really interested to launch its car in India. Among the several luxury carmakers in the world, BMW is the best known brand in India.

BMW has taken the front seat with its superb cars like 1-series, which offers small length models that are ease to drive.

If anyone is interested to go for a small hatchback, then it offers the best luxury in this radius. For those who prefer sedans, the 3-series is the perfect option with entry level pricing and plenty of facilities that the automaker offers in its higher variant. GT is the next higher range in the sedan segment. 6-series is a coupe type, while the 7 Series is another remarkable car known for all its features. It is offered in normal sedan and active hybrid variants.

BMW offers SUVs also in the form of its X-series models. X1 is the entry level car in the segment. Other choices are BMW X3, BMW X5, and BMW X6. These are the SUVs, which can clear all the obstacles in its way. The brand also offers convertible car Z4 roadster with the option to open its ceiling. i8 is another car, which has changed all the dynamics – it can park itself with the help of a button and also come to the customer’s place. It is equipped with all the latest technologies that one can think about.


BMW cars are the best in terms of drive friendliness with simply superb seating comfort. It handles the bad aspects of the road like nothing.The price range is between 20 lakh and several crores.


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