Catalytic Converter Mitsubishi Endeavor-Information

Catalytic Converter Mitsubishi Endeavor

The catalytic converter in Mitsubishi Endeavor is a mechanism that reduces the emission toxicity as of an internal combustion engine. The Catalytic Converter is manufactured for reducing the EPA regulations in an auto exhaust system.

2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor -Catalytic Converter

The Catalytic Converter of the 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor is a seven bolt factory welded inlet and a 2-bolt extension welded outlet .The part has a three to one inlet and a single outlet design. The length of the Catalytic Converter in general is 17 inches and the assembly is of Manifold type. The Catalytic Converter is manufactured with a ceramic monolithic catalyst substance. It is surrounded by a stainless steel casing. The design part of the catalytic converter consists of 409 stainless steel hoses and a single shell for acquiring durability.

Catalytic Converter Mitsubishi Endeavor

Compatible Models

The 2004 Mitsubishi Endeavor -Catalytic Converter is compatible for all the sub models like 2004-2004 endeavor LS model with 3.8Liter engine of 6 Cylinders, 2004-2004 endeavor limited with 3.8 liter engine of 6 cylinders and finally an XLS model.

The price of the catalytic converter in Mitsubishi Endeavor is around $248.48 and you can get more information regarding the catalytic converter in the below URL.


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