Hendo Hoverboard: Famous Edition to Sci-Fi


So far, Hoverboards have been the things of sci-fi movies, thanks to the popularity of Future2 that featured Marty McFly riding skateboard. However, Silicon Valley firm has already got funding for hover-board, which can carry enough load.

Mc-Fly style hoverboard for sci-fi fans and now, this is making that dream turn into reality. Skateboard masters have played millions on games in their career, but this is the first game that they are going to on air!

Design team Jill and Greg Henderson released a kickstarter campaign to support Hover-board production financially. It’s expected to be available on store by Oct 2015. Kick-starter campaign became success, doubling its aim of $250k and it has already got awarded with ‘Time Magazine’s Top 25 Best Innovations for 2014’.


It makes use of magnetic levitation, generating a magnetic field beneath the board that’s driven by non-ferrous area, such as aluminum or copper, letting the board to levitate.

Hendo hoverboard designers say there is buzz around the upcoming product and they want to create some more to isolate things and buildings from ground shocks and earthquakes.

What’s It About?

How does the name sound like? Don’t you think gravity-defied skateboard and Hendo hoverboard is related? Exactly, it’s the skateboard that does not require wheels. It’s globe’s first real hoverboard skateboard and it works pretty awesome that pioneers like Tony Hawk couldn’t resist themselves from taking a spin. Tony, who had an amazing demo with Hover-board, just loved the new invention.

Since it needs no friction, it rides very smoothly when compared to skateboards with wheels. It integrates with body movements perfectly to get full control and there are many security measures to ensure player’s safety.  

Technologies Involved

Talking about the technology, it’s not completely new! But until now, none has implemented it perfectly to make a hoverboard. The main key factor about this machine is 4 disc-shaped hover engines that generate an opposing magnetic field, which levitates, and lifts the board from the ground.


The magnetic field generated causes the board to fly from above the ground. It mainly relies on MFA (Magnetic Field Architecture) that’s referred to as magnetic levitation as per Hendo’s term. Using this technology, the device can propel, suspend, and direct high-speed trains for quieter, faster, and smooth transfer.

Are you taking the next Hoverboard test ride? What do you feel about this technology? Let’s know about your opinion.


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