How Scratches on a Reasonably New Car can devalue it?


The cars and scratches go hand in hand, no matter how much you hate this combo. Every single car is destined to get a scratch sooner or later, either a big ugly one or a small almost invisible one. While a scratch on an old car won’t give you heart ache as much as the sight of a scratch on a newly purchased car, just because it still is like a newborn to you who has just joined your family and you love it as much as anyone.

Repairing a scratch on either a new or an old car mostly costs the same but if you are one of those who like to keep changing their cars every couple of years then a new car with a scratch can be a headache, intensity of which purely depends on the dimension and location of the scratch. It is well known to any car owner that reselling a vehicle with one or more visible scratches will earn them a lesser resale value. So the best solution would be to get it fixed as soon as possible, preferably at an authorized dealer so that you are sure of a clean and tidy paint job.

  1. The Rust Factor: One of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t leave a scratch to its fate is because it is quite possible that with time when the car goes through various water washes or you travel too much in rain or even if the vehicle is exposed to too much of dust, there could be rust formation along the line of the scratch. Now if the rust creeps in properly then you might be left with no other option but to get the entire panel or panels properly painted or in worst condition even replaced; needless to say it would cost you a bomb and you would rather like to claim it through the insurance the car is covered under than cough out the amount yourself. Use of insurance cover will of course come under the scanner while you try to resell a vehicle, which will again mean a reduction in resale value. So either way you get caught in a fix. In simple words, it is mighty important that you attend the scratches on your car sooner than later.

  1. Market Value: We know for the fact, that a car’s market price takes a dive right after you drive it out from a showroom; be it a brand new vehicle or a used one. This is the reason why people prefer reselling their vehicle every three to four years to get the best value for their investment. In such a scenario if there is damage; small or big, it will only hamper the vehicle’s resale value even more. So it becomes important to keep your vehicle damage and scratch free.

  1. The Aesthetics: Good looking cars are such charmers and important decision makers when someone plans to buy a new or an old one. This is the reason why people choose to go to a dealer and purchase a brand new car, whereas they can pay much less and buy a one year old model of the same car. This indirectly tells that if you want to sell a used car, be sure that the vehicle looks as close to a new one as possible. Just like you no one likes a car with bad paint jobs or a number of scratches.

In nutshell, get the scratches of you car fixed sooner than later to avoid them devaluing your priced possession. More importantly, get the scratches fixed at a dealer to get the picture perfect job done.


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