How to Prepare Your Home for New Pet?


4 Tips to Bring Your New Dog Home

Taking out dog from a shelter can convert your home into cozy atmosphere; with careful preparation, your new home can be turned into heaven. The following training and household tips will get you a tidy and furry house. The key to bring dog to new home is being patent and well-prepared. It can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 months and hence you need to havea lot of patience, and stay calm to figure out what supplies, and equipment are needed for a smooth transition.


Know what your pet would need once it starts staying in the home; you’ll need leash, collar, water and food bowls, and some toys in most cases. It is best to order identification tag for your dog. Try to get the dog home when you’re be present for more time, such as during weekends, as you need to spend quality time together to get to know each other well. You can also use a large, absorbent mat under water and food bowls for making cleaning things easier. Regularly wash bedding and blanketto keep the infections, and diseases at bay.


Discipline and Training

You should train your pet to listen to you; let them know you’re the boss, but in a polite way!Stay calm while teaching and if you find your dog to be doing wrong, let it know immediately, in a disapproving and loud voice, while rewarding it whenever it does something good to keep it motivated.

Not all new dogs would be house-trained and hence you must know housetraining tips for adult dogs as well puppies, so that you can teach them at the time of adoption. Maintain a routine to teach and be consistent in the process.

Use dog gates and crates to secure your dog inside the new home, until it learns proper manners, discipline, and gets attached to the surroundings. Ensure to give him/her minimum of 30min aerobic exercise, such as swimming, playing, fetching, and running. Get your pet inside the home slowly, as complete restriction can make your pet feel jailed.


House Rules

Distribute work with your family members, and decide who’ll walk with the pet in the morning and who’ll feedit during evening. Once the pet learns home rules, you can take it inside the rooms and spend some quality time; be sure to warn you doggie if he it’s spoiling the couch or sofa set.


Health Care

Despite the best efforts and vaccination, virus can spread; take you dog to the veterinarian after adoption and get a monthly check up done for next 2-3 months. Keep the house and surrounding clean and maintain a good hygiene, before getting new dog into the house. Know what food supplies can be given, as per the dog’s age, and breed.


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If your kid has pet allergies or if the dog is suffering from behavior problems, you should find a house that accepts your dog.


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