Human Tracking System by Using GPS: The Latest Advancement in GPS Technology


Did you ever imagine that we’ll be using GPS technology for tracking humans? Well, it’s now a reality as the latest human tracking systems have been built using the GPS, and Sprint has announced a new “Business Mobility Framework” for tracking employees off-late in the US.


How Does It Work?

Employees of an organization (or whosoever needs to be tracked) need to wear RFID (radio frequency identification) tags around their neck, or tucked in their belongings, and then they can be tracked effortlessly, just the way other non-living objects are tracked.

Well, you call it spying, human tracking, detective science or something else – it is as simple as that; you may even use cell phones for tracking, but the only bad part is that if the owner of the cell phone decides to drop the cell phone somewhere, you may be unable to track the whereabouts of the person!

Current GPS tracking devices display maps produced by GISs, which include info pertaining to residences, businesses, and of course even the individuals, thanks to the new human tracking systems. What’s more, the human tracking devices will now add another new service in form of radio communication, which will be used for reporting data of a particular location to a service center using a single GIS. And, all that you need to do is to pay for the subscription charges and track anybody you want on this earth; simply amazing isn’t it?


How Costly Is It?

It hardly costs just over $200 per month to make use of human tracking system; all you need to do is to purchase an electronic device (RFID), and put it on the person whom you wish to trace. But, the cost isn’t the only thing that one must think of. As far as availability goes, such tracking systems are available in US, several parts of Europe, and even Asia, especially Japan. However, it will still take some time for them to hit the Indian market.

Is It Really Good for the Mankind?

Well, this is one of the toughest questions to answer – if you say the Atom Bomb was good for the mankind, then so are the human tracking systems too. But, defying the basic needs of surveillance and security, the human tracking systems are now being used now just by detectives, but by the common public, and they’re changing everything drastically.

Husbands are using these tracking devices to check the whereabouts of their wives; parents are trying to track their wards by using human tracking systems, and employers are now trying to implement higher security levels, and ensure that none of their employees try to ever leak a secret. All this and much more is possible using these GPS tracking systems.

Every technology has its tradeoffs between advantages and risks, and now these human tracking systems may possibly pose the greatest threat to personal freedom ever faced in human history. Only time will tell as to what extent will this new technology be implemented globally, and will this be another of those curses like the Atom Bomb, which will do more bad than good!


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