This post gives information about the location for cabin air filter for 2005 Mazda 6 and the procedure to replace it.

Location of the Filter

The first step is to remove the glove box and push it on the sides. Two tabs are located on either side of the glove box. It should be removed just by pushing the side of the glove box and pulling it forward.  The notches that are clamped towards the inside of the box must be freed. There lies the filter cover; it is placed there by two lower clips and two uppers tabs. This is the location for cabin air filter for 2005 Mazda 6.

Location for Cabin Air Filter for 2005 Mazda 6

How to Replace?

The outer cover has to be freed from the tabs and pulled out. Therefore, the air filter gets exposed. Remove the existing air filter and place a new one in its place. The old filter has to be pinched horizontally to remove it from the compartment. New cabin filter can be kept into the compartment in the same way the old one was removed. One thing that has to be taken care here is that the arrow of air flow should be pointed down. If this step is done incorrectly, it may result in the damage of the climate fan or a huge loss of horsepower. Place the new cabin filter perfectly and make sure that the upper tabs snap the cover’s lower section by pressing the clips that are at the bottom of the filter assembly. The final step is to place the glove box.