Mazda 6 Stereo Install Dash Kit-Procedure

Mazda 6 Stereo Install Dash Kit-Procedure

This post provides the necessary information for upgrading the stereo system in Mazda 6 .i.e. ‘Mazda 6 stereo install dash kit’.


The first step that has to be done is to remove the old stereo from the vehicle. Actually, removal of the radio system from a top end model vehicle like Mazda is easy if the following steps are followed. These steps are for the Mazda models that are manufactured between the period 2003 and 2008.

Steps to Install/Remove Stereo

The tools that are required for completing the task are screw driver, pliers and a socket wrench.  Let the gear be in neutral position. Parking brake should be set and the engine should be turned off. The wire that is connected to the negative terminal of the battery should be disconnected. If the wire from battery is not disconnected, it may lead to electric shocks or short circuiting. Remove the gear shift knob and console that extends to ashtray.

Next step is to get access to the radio side mounting bolt. To access the bolt, glove box should be removed. Squeeze both the sides of box and let the box drop down. Then the 10 millimeter bolt will be revealed that is placed on the left side of the compartment of glove box. With the help of socket wrench, remove the 10 mm bolt.

After removing the bolt, one can observe that the climate control and radio are placed on one assembly. Total assembly has to be loosened and removed. In the same panel, the air vent covers are also included. This cover should also be removed. The twelve screws that are on the cover are required for mounting both the radio controls and climate controls. Remove the twelve screws. As soon as screws are removed, radio can also be removed. After removing the old radio, install the new one. Just follow the steps mentioned above in reverse manner to install the new radio. Covers and screws are to be replaced. Place the gear in its original position. After placing the gear, connect the negative wire to the negative terminal of the battery of the vehicle.

The Bottom Line

The above steps can be followed for easy installation and removal of Mazda 6 stereo dash kit.


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