No More Skin Ageing Problems: Try This Homemade Face Pack!

Skin Ageing Problems

Everyone is worried about his/her skin. Some people have problem of oily skin, some have dry skin, some have pimple and acne problem, some have pigmentation problem and some people are worried about aging. After thirty years of age, it is common that people will get wrinkles and aging of skin starts. Mostly, women have skin and beauty consciousness and so, they start looking for products to stop aging of their skin.

Skin aging is not a problem nowadays and can be controlled with the help of homemade face packs. It is no more a matter of worry. Here are some remedy ideas for skin aging and wrinkles. Start from your kitchen; all those ingredients for skin care are there at your home store.

  • Papaya for Young Exfoliating Skin: Papaya is an anti-age fighter. Take a slice of ripe papaya, take out its pulp and mix with one tablespoon full of honey along with half tablespoon of sandalwood powder. Mix all the ingredients well to make a thick paste. Apply it on face and neck evenly and leave for at least twenty minutes. When it gets dry, rinse with cold water.

Skin Ageing Problems

  • Rose Toner for Moisturising: Rose water gives cool effect to the skin. Mix two tablespoons of rose water with one or two drops of glycerine. Add few lemon juice drops. Apply this pack on face and neck using a cotton ball. You can keep it on face like a moisturiser for whole of the day. This can be your homemade moisturizers to remove ageing and it provides young exfoliating skin.

Skin Ageing Problems

  • Carrot for Removing Wrinkles: Carrot helps in reducing wrinkles and giving your skin a smooth touch. Take half inch of carrot and half potato and boil them. After boiling, mash the mixture and add a pinch of turmeric and baking soda. Mix well to make a fine paste. Apply over the face and neck and let it dry for two minutes. Then, wash the pack using warm water. You will feel the softness in your skin.

Skin Ageing Problems

  • Egg for Soft Skin: We have heard the use of egg for hair conditioning, but it can also be used as face pack. Mix one tablespoon of egg white with half tablespoon of milk cream and half tablespoon lemon juice to make a paste. Apply the pack on face and leave for at least 15 minutes. After that, rinse it using cold water. If this process is done every alternate day, you will feel your skin getting younger.

Skin Ageing Problems

These are some of the home made processes for getting rid of wrinkles. You can easily follow one of the above mentioned processes and make a face pack; try to apply it every alternate day. In some days only, you will feel the difference.


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