The Causes and Symptoms of Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia is one of the disorders that cause pain in all the parts of the human body. All across the world, it is seen that many people are looking for causes and symptoms of fibromyalgia. Bangalore is also among the places where people try to find a lot of information about this disease owing to the increasing number of cases.
The causes of fibromyalgia are discussed below.

This is a cause that is seen in many of the fibromyalgia patients. In many cases, it gets passed on from ancestors like parents or grandparents. If anyone in your family is suffering from this disorder, it’s necessary that you stay cautious and look out for any possible symptoms.


Exposure to Stressful Events
When people are exposed to a lot of stressful events like traffic issues and work pressure, the chances of being affected by this disease are high.
The symptoms of fibromyalgia are as follows:

  • Migraine or Tension Headache: This happens in many people due to extensive worry.
  • Depression or Feeling Anxious: This is also a symptom wherein people are highly depressed about their personal problems.
  • Irritable Bladder: This happens when there is a feeling of increase in the frequency of passing urinary.
  • Rigidness: People will feel rigidness after staying in one position or upon walking for too long.
  • Muscle Pain: Regular muscle pain or muscle tightness very often and also spasms in muscle are also symptoms.
  • Mental Problems: People also face issues such as difficulty in remembering, performing simple mental tasks and also concentrating.
  • Trouble Sleeping: Experiencing trouble with sleeping is also a symptom. When it gets excessive or when it becomes habitual that you don’t get sleep easily and also you become insomniac, it leads to fibromyalgia.

Now that you know the causes and symptoms of fibromyalgia, it’s time that you analyse if you’re facing any of these symptoms. If yes, seek medical help at the earliest.
Fibromyalgia is a matter of concern and it has to be diagnosed in time so that it does not turn into severe problems ahead. There are lot of specialised doctors who help with fibromyalgia treatment.


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