The Present Real Estate Scenario in the US Market

real estate scenario in the us market

The Real Estate is gaining a lot of attention as a lot of people are investing in properties in the U.S. The Property prices and rentals are on a decreasing trend and this has led to the erosion in market capitalization of many listed players. The slowdown is supported by the fall in stock markets as wealth creation does not happen and there is lack of capital among investors to invest in real estate projects.

The development of real estate in the U.S. is credited to the outsourcing businesses, such as high end technology consultation and programming houses. Currently, the demand for Information Technology scope and commercial scope has grown up. The high net worth of individual investors have created a very fast pace of demand in U.S. realty sector, which has a very high impact image of investing in the U.S.

After what happened in the American market during 2008-09 there has been a very fast drop in financial industry and this created a crisis in all over US economy. Many firms invested a large part of their funds into real estate sector without properly analyzing the market. All the changes in the US economy have affected the real estate segment as most of the investors are playing safe with real estate investments.

real estate scenario in the us market

The recent changes in the US market (Post Recession) let the investors think on the lines of what will be the best option in real estate investment. The market rates in U.S. have dropped by approximately 10 percent in most of the popular cities and the trend seems to be still continuing, until it recovers from the ill effects of financial crisis. The Buyer sentiment is expected to remain negative due to the not so great economic conditions. As a result, property volumes would grow slowly and the prices would rise very slowly. Most of the agents expect the price trend to be positive over the next couple of months as the economy is slowly growing. The outcome of the presidential election can play a vital role in the real estate segment as a stable government is a mandate for all the foreign investors. The US market will definitely improve over the next few months and it will be a treat for the investors in a year or so. The Real estate investment is the U.S. will boom and it is a fact that cannot be denied.


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