Top 16 Smartphone apps for house hunters


 House Hunting can be extremely stressful, time consuming and energy draining. But then, like the popular saying of today goes – there’s an app for that. Yes! The real estate world is being helped, like every other aspect of life, by a smartphone app. Here are some great smartphone apps:

  1. Mortgage Rates: This can assist you by finding the best rate customized just for you and protects your personal information with the lenders unless you give permission to share.
  2. Doorstep Swipe: This app is like a cross between a speed-dating site and a real estate app and is so much fun to use. The app lets you swipe through all the freshly listed houses in a very game like way. This then lets you pick what is important to you while you naturally go through the list. The app lets you determine the budget before you delve deeper in.
  3. com: This app has a more conventional style of listing properties. It has frequent updates whenever there is new information, this gives alerts regarding closures and price drops.
  4. Zillow: This app is popular for its ‘zestimates’ that are home value estimates that are based on information got from public records, tax assessors, real estate agents, home owners and therefore are very accurate. These estimates are getting all the more accurate with the expansion of the site. The app even offers an entire history of transactions of homes and allows users to look for present mortgage rates location wise.
  5. Redfin: This is yet another platform that looks for great listings and can be found in quite a few metropolitan areas all over the country. Here, the agents do not get traditional commission but earn their income partially off the customer ratings.
  6. Trulia: This app has the neighborhood’s ‘heat maps’ that show school locations, commute times, crime statistics and other amenities like school, grocery stores and banks. You will also be able to look into probability of natural disasters such as tornados and hurricanes in the area of the property.
  7. HomeSnap: This app allows you to take snapshots of your houses with the camera in your smartphone (all thanks to the GPS) immediately and get information of the property. You will be able to see the estimated value of the property, know if it’s for sale, tell you how many rooms the house has etc.smartphone
  8. House Hunter: This app gives homes grades based on your criteria. You can even take down notes, add pictures, give every home a score and keep track of your favorites.
  9. 360 Panorama: This all lets you take panoramic pictures of the house and allows you to keep track of all the listings you see.
  10. Snupps: This app is perfect when you are ready to move. This app will make sure you do not lose anything in the process. It will let you track valuables and the boxes. It creates virtual shelves that look like real ones so that you can make sure you do not lose anything.
  11. Coldwell Banker: This free app lets you look up for not just homes in the U.S. but provides international listings in case you plan on moving abroad or buying a vacation home. The best part about this app is the option for property notification. As soon as a new property or open house in listen, you instantly get notified based on your specific requirements.
  12. CalcsFree: Many full time real estate agents have figured that apart from the commonly used Zillow, and Trulia; CalcsFree also happens to be extremely helpful. When brokers and agents show around houses, potential customers would like a quote instantly on the estimated mortgage that they will need to pay. The app also shows the insurance payments, offer amount, taxes, mortgage insurance and HOA fees that need to be paid for a selected property. This amazing app provides way more than just a simple interest and principal payment calculation.
  13. Century21: This great mobile app gives users immediate access to over 3000 listings of residential properties that are on sale. If you are looking to buy a property in the U.S., then this is THE app for you. It is completely loaded with pictures, neighborhood information and demographic data. You can even view the results in options of photo view, list view of map view.
  14. PicNote: House hunters are usually bombarded with many properties to look up and even visit a number of them each week. It can be difficult to keep a track of what you felt when you visited a property. PicNote allows users to combine notes along with pictures so as to keep a track of them. The winning point of this app is that it can automatically geocode the location of the property and this makes it all the more easy for you to remember the property. The basic app is available for free with limited functionalities but if you would want to use more functions, then it is available for just $1.99. It’s a tiny price to pay for all the great added benefits that you will be getting. It’s so useful, some real estate agents have actually bought this app for their clients as a complimentary service.
  15. BuyFolio: It is a known fact that purchasing a residential property in New York can be rather stressful if not unique. So for those looking to move into one of the most sought after cities in the world. The Buyfolio is the best app for you. It is a free app which promises to help streamline the entire process for you. The app lets the user save searched results, search listings, get the properties of interest organized, collaborate and share with contacts.
  16. LoopNet: This app is fast, easy to use and comes with a number of features. It lets you pick the perfect lease space or investment property directly from your iPad or iPhone. With only a tap, you can view the map, very easily make adjustments in lease listings, pictures etc.

These apps are of great assistance more so when you decide to move to a new city.


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