Top 3 Gym Exercises that are Often Done the Wrong Way


Improper exercising is the major cause of neck and back pain and can mostly lead to injuries. Listed below are the top 3 gym exercises that are often done the wrong way.

So, we’ve also listed out few vital tips to correct the methods in order to prevent strain on the body.


Squats are highly effective to build and tone muscles in the lower body, when done correctly. Often, the common mistake that people do with squats is that they add too much of weight very quickly while they use poor forms, which can cause severe injuries.


It’s All About Paying Attention to Your Form

The secret to do it the right way is to begin with less weight since this can help you to pay attention to your form. You have to stand straight while also gripping a barbell across your shoulder back and keeping your feet a bit greater than shoulder width apart.

Bring your body down in the same way as if you were to sit on a chair while keeping your knees straight. Go ahead with squatting lower till your lower legs and thighs form an angle of 90-degrees. Keep your knees behind your toes to make sure that you are seated far adequately back.

If your main aim is to build muscle, you can follow this exercise routine in addition to adding muscle building supplements to your diet.


Sit-ups are not just bad for the neck, but are also ineffective in toning your mid-section. Instead, performing abdominal crunches are a better option. You have to lie down on your back and position your feet over the floor with bent knees. Either with your hands behind your head or crossed over the chest, raise your chest from your lower belly till about an angle of 45-degree. Maintain your spine straight with your lower back positioned flat on the ground.


Shoulder Press

Shoulder press can impose a strain on your shoulders and stress your shoulder joints easily. Intense care should be taken to avert any kind of permanent damage. Ensure that you maintain your spine in perfect alignment with your shoulders and head. Similar to other exercises, you should begin with minimal weight till you have built the right form. Don’t try to thrust the bar higher in a jerking movement like seen in gyms.


Use these techniques to decrease the amount of stress or strain on your body and reduce your injury risk; this can also help you keep distance from a physiotherapist!


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