Top 4 Exercises to Heal Your Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the stressful conditions most of the adults face in their life time. When people cross 40, many deadly ailments start haunting them and degrade their lifestyle. Medical science approves and recommends some amazing exercises that can not only keep you aloof from lower back pain, but also discards it permanently from your life. Here’s a look at some of the easy exercises to heal your lower back pain.

Knee to Chest

Lower Back Pain

This exercise is done to align pelvis and elongate the lower back and rear muscles. You have to lie down and lift your legs with your toes pointing to the roof. Slowly bend your right knee and draw in back closer to your chest. To pull it back, you may wrap your arms around the knee or thigh and calmly pull the knee towards your chin. Hold the position for 15-20 seconds and release to the previous position. Repeat the exercise almost 3 times for each of the legs.

Lying Knee Twist

Lower Back Pain

This exercise is used to stretch the para-spinal muscles and power up the abdominal muscles. You have to lie down and stretch your legs straight out. Allow your body to feel a gentle stretch at the buttocks and back; keep it for 20 seconds. You may tighten your core muscles and rotate back to the centre; you may repeat it for 3 times.

Piriformis Seated Stretch

Lower Back Pain

This exercise is one of the most popular and is considered to be the most effective in terms of releasing someone from back pain. It helps to lengthen the piriformis muscle over a period of time. This muscle is the actual source of leg pain and sciatica. Sit with straight back and put your left foot on the right thigh and put your right foot on your left thigh. Put your palms straight on the knees and look straight. Continue sitting unless you don’t feel unbearable. Generally, when your start practicing for the very first time, it would be quite painful, but later on once it becomes a habit it helps you to get rid of the back pain permanently. It is also called “Padmaassan”.

Cobra Stretch

Lower Back Pain

This exercise helps to tightly hold the abdominal muscles and the lower back. Lie down on the floor with your stomach and look forward. Place your palm parallel to your head with your elbow close to your body, keep your feet extended to feel the tendency of stretch in your body. Now you have to slowly lift the upper part of your body with the support of your forearm; ensure that you do not lift your hips. Once you reach the utmost level, make sure that you stretch your abdominal muscles and remain in the same position for 10 minutes.

These are the top 4 exercises to heal your lower back pain. These have helped numerous patients from across the globe and these exercises originated from ancient yoga techniques, which are meant to give you relief permanently.


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