Where is Mazda Made?


Where is Mazda made is one question that most of the Japan based automaker’s enthusiasts would wish to know, as the firm is owning numerous production plants spread all around the world.

A Note on Mazda Motors

Mazda Motor Corp is a well-known Japan-based auto manufacturing firm that is based in Fuchu, Hiroshima region, Japan. It was founded back in 1920 by a person named Jujiro Matsuda, but with another initial brand name as Toyo Cork Kogyo Corp Ltd.

Let’s try to get a glimpse of some of the important aspects about this car maker in the below sections.

A Brief History

Originally started as Toyo Cork Kogyo Corp Limited in 1920, Mazda acquired its name formally only in 1984. Initially, it was involved in producing machine tools, and then later in 1931, the company started to produce vehicles with the introduction of the Mazda Go.

In 2007, it was reported that the automaker was successful in producing nearly 1.3-million models for worldwide sales, the majority of which i.e. almost 1-million were actually developed in the firm’s Japanese production plants only.


Where are Mazda Vehicles Built?

Mazda North America models are developed in a wide range of production plants that are spread across both America and Japan. At present, the company is operating 3-production plants in Japan, with 2-plants situated in Hiroshima, and another unit in Hofu.

Besides their Japanese production plants, many North American based models are developed in varying numbers at the Auto Alliance International Plant situated in Flat Rock, and the well-known Kansas City production plant in Claycomo.

The production plant located in Hofu is in charge for assembly of the Mazda 3 and formerly available Mazda-speed 6. Power-train and gearbox systems for both these vehicles are managed by the company’s Hiroshima plant, which is also responsible for producing several high-performance models including MX-5 roadster, CX-7 crossover, RX-8, and Mazda5 Mini-van.

For North American market, all the production activities are handled by 2-plants that are co-owned by Mazda and Ford Motors Corp, with one facility situated in Flat Rock Michigan, and another plant in Claycomo.

After going through the above mentioned details, nobody would get any doubt about ‘where is Mazda made’ now, as it pretty clear that production is carried out both in Japan and North America, with majority of the manufacturing processes taking place in Japan.



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